Time Bouncer Challenge

Time Bouncer Challenge

Calling all creatives, storytellers, for the Time Bouncer Challenge! – a month-long journey of innovation, creativity, and the chance to win an extraordinary travel package that will leave you awe-inspired.


How to Enter:

Capture a motion time-lapse video utilizing the new Time Bouncer feature using your edelkrone slider + head to showcase the magic of time manipulation.
Share your video(s) on your Instagram profile, using hashtag #BounceLapse


Win All-inclusive Travel Package to Cappadocia!

Now, here's where the excitement truly kicks in. The participant who shoots the most captivating Time Bouncer time-lapse video will be awarded an all-inclusive travel package to a breathtaking location. And the best part? We've got your back. From transportation to accommodation, and even touring, every aspect of your travel experience will be taken care of by us.

Challenge Ends October 13

The Time Bouncer Challenge will come to a close on October 13th. We'll be keeping a close eye on the submissions and will be in touch with the winner through Instagram for details.

Learn More About Time Bouncer

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gelo esquillo

gelo esquillo

hope u make a fb and ig one winner in fb and one winner in ig for worldwide giveaway i am a followers for meta acount of your page

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